Boilers: Installation, Service, and Repair

boiler-ad-2-LARGER Mechanical Heating & Air specializes in custom boiler work, including expert installation, repair, service, and troubleshooting on everything from modern high-efficiency boilers to archaic systems. Steve Martines, our senior HVAC technician, does most of our boiler work. Although Steve enjoys all that HVAC has to offer, boilers are his favorite.

Steve Martines and the boiler team has the expertise to service your steam or hot water boiler system. Our experience in the residential and light commercial boiler industry has made us one of the leading boiler repair and installation companies in Omaha.

We're dedicated to creating long-term relationships with our customers by providing top quality boiler service. Specializing in boiler system maintenance, repair, and installation, R Mechanical Heating & Air will deliver first class boiler work. We have one of the most qualified boiler teams in the boiler repair industry. Our philosophy is to focus on providing complete customer satisfaction and cost-effective solutions in a professional and courteous manner. If you haven't met Steve Martines yet--you haven't met Omaha's preferred boiler man. Customers ask for Steve Martines by name. (That's Martines with an 's'.)

We know how much you rely on your boiler, therefore, we pledge to respond to your calls quickly and perform our service efficiently and honesty. Our vision is to help you, our customer, with your needs and to become your number one resource for boiler repair and service.We schedule boiler inspections throughout the year. We are licensed, bonded, and insured for any type of boiler work.

Let R Mechanical Heating & Air help you get your boiler ready for winter. Call (402) 871-3275 to schedule your boiler appointment. We perform Carbon Monoxide Safety Tests and check for gas leaks on every boiler inspection.

How Does a Boiler Work?

In the Midwest, we use a variety of methods to heat our homes and businesses. A hot water boiler is an efficient appliance used to heat water and send it through a hydronic heating system. The hot water is then distributed through the home in pipes, either through a radiator system, or through a baseboard convector system. R Mechanical Heating & Air provides repair and maintenance services to all components of hot-water and steam boilers. One of our best qualities is our problem solving abilities. Our customers like to know that the same mechanic who worked on the system before will be coming out to fix any problems you might have with your boiler.

Experts in Steam Systems

More art than We love boilers science, the correct installation and repair of a steam boiler is a rare skill. Steve Martines, senior tech at R Mechanical Heating & Air is one of Omaha's few remaining boiler experts. Installing new, modern steam boiler is a specialty of R Mechanical Heating & Air. The boiler must be viewed as part of a system that also includes the radiators, air vents, and piping. The technicians at R Mechanical Heating & Air have the knowledge and skill to ensure a complete, properly working steam heat system.

Boiler Issues

Your boiler will last for years with regular maintenance, but like any appliance, it may need serviced between inspections. Call a technician if your boiler experiences:

Poor Heating Performance

The boiler system is not heating the room. This is often caused by a low water level in the boiler, while ongoing problems may be due to a circulating pump on the boiler. The system may need to have water added or to have the pump serviced.

Water Leakage Around the Boiler

Water leaking around the boiler could be caused by a faulty pump, a faulty pressure relief valve, or leaking in the water pipe connection. Most of these repairs can be easily handled by R Mechanical Heating & Air. Our technician will determine the root cause of the problem and correct it to eliminate further water leakage.

Water Leakage Around the Radiator

How to Maximize Boiler Efficiency

How to Maximize Boiler Efficiency

A leaking radiator should be fixed immediately. If left unattended, you could have extensive damage to your carpets or floorboards. Don't panic. Check to see whether any leaking is occurring from a nearby source. Dry the area surrounding the radiator valve carefully. Then press tissue paper around various points to ascertain the source of the leak. This is essential as water can run around and drip, making another area appear as the cause of the problem. If it's the radiator, call R Mechanical Heating & Air (402) 871-3275) immediately and we'll get it fixed.

Radiator leak inspection is a simple preventative measure that can help you insure that you’ll have steady, reliable heat all winter. Catching a leak early will prevent water damage from occurring, and help you make sure that your heating system is winter-ready. Remember, radiator repair can be complicated; for the best possible results, it’s always advisable to call R Mechanical Heating & Air for an annual inspection or sooner if you spot a leak.

Noisy Pipes

Noise in the pipes is a sign of a potentially serious problem and should be fixed immediately to avoid further damage. Possible problems include a faulty circulator pump in a hot water system or water trapped in the return lines in a steam system. The circulator has a spring-loaded coupling that connects the pump to the motor. When the pump jams, this coupling may break, causing a load noise as the motor runs. Over time, the pitch in the steam boiler's return lines may change, causing the water to become trapped. Adjusting the pitch of the return lines or the return trap(s) on the radiator will usually correct the problem and stop the noise.

Did you know?

A clean boiler saves you money because it burns more efficiently and lasts longer.

Backflow Preventer Testing

Accurate Testing provides a one-stop specialized plumbing service for the Omaha, NE metro area. We specialize in backflow preventer testing, repairs, and installation. Your annual test report will be submitted to your water purveyor upon completion of testing.